Every Saturday Night via YouTube 8:30PM

The Night Cap has a strong cult following of dedicated fans from not only in Melbourne, but around Australia and America and across the rest of the world.

We also have a strong intergalactic following.

Broadcasting on Facebook Live, YouTube and RPP's new platform with RPPV

With the successful integration of social media, we are able to spread the word about our program.

The Night Cap Live is a fun, exciting and most importantly interactive show that is as dedicated to its fans as they are to us. 

The Night Cap Nation is one of the most supportive, funny, caring mix of people you will ever meet.

They are beyond what most "fans, public" are with other programs.

The platform of The Night Cap is unique whereby we allow the public to help create the shows content – they tell us what they want – and we deliver!

Celebrity interviews, new music releases, red carpet events, news and opinions, all live, open to all.

So why wait? Come join The Night Cap Nation right now!

The Night Cap Crew

The Captain

Many words can be used to describe The Captain, but the best way to find out about him is to tune in and hear him take on the world...

The Captain is the Host of The Night Cap and he tries to keep some kind of control in the studio... but this is not always the case. If he gets on a Rant... god help the world!

He has a way of keeping the mood going and his quick come-backs are what make him a funny man to listen to.

Email: [email protected]


Kim is the keeper of the Night Cap history.

She also co-owns The Night Cap and runs the Admin for the show and spell checks all of the Captain's work. She is smart, witty and downright sexy... But don't get the wrong idea guys... She is also the Captains Main girl. She does appear on the show from time to time but spends most of her time online, keeping track of The Captain and raising their wonderful family.

Email: [email protected]

Parking Nick

Often called the Executive Producer of The Night Cap, Parking Nick joins The Captain every show, adding his unique views and insights into every topic.

Every so often Parking Nick hosts the show's Metal Nights, when the music gets hard and heavy, but the topics are still fun!

Email: [email protected]

Secret Agent Ness

From the locked and sealed CIA files we gain S.A Ness resume and we knew then and there that she would be the right fit for the job. S.A Ness skill of crocheting hidden messages and codes into Gloves and Jumpers qualified her to be the head of The Night Cap Crochet division. 

Catch her every night on the show

Email: [email protected]

Other Hosts

Harvey Dent

Trapped between the worlds of Batman and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Harvey Dent was saved by the powers of The Night Cap. After making his debut on The Night Cap, Harvey Dent was offered a contract to model men's undies in Sweden. However, being a loyal guest host. He denied the offer. Now Harvey is only going to model his undies to the people that love him the most. The Night Cap Nation. Keep an ear/eye out for his appearances in the studio!