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Think Spirits

Think Spirits has a very successful approach to the business of liquor and mixology. Success is attributed to the unique ability to listen and work with the best bars and retail outlets, especially with the bartenders and staff who work in them.

Think Spirits enjoys strong credibility and growth by focusing on delivering to both trade and consumers the best products in their respective categories.

Recognising the worldwide trend towards premium spirits and liqueurs, Think Spirits offers a select range of contemporary liquor brands backed by continual year round trade support and consumer activities that excite and engage.

The Think Spirits portfolio is distributed Australia wide and boasts local representation in all States of Australia.

For premium spirits and liqueurs…


Crystal head Vodka

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. It is why we craft the purest, smoothest vodka with one of a kind packaging and imaginative thinking. Crystal Head uses only the highest-quality ingredients to create unique expressions of ultra-premium vodka that are completely additive-free. We do it for all the creative spirits who think differently—to inspire them in their creative pursuits and to bring out their creativity, without compromise.

Unlike other vodka brands, Crystal Head views the world differently, without limitations.

The Crystal Head bottle was designed with the creative spirit in mind by creative people. Together, Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander designed the iconic skull shaped bottle as a symbol of life, reflecting power and enlightenment.

Only the best to hold their multi-award-winning spirit.


Xspor Australia

Mold Removal - the natural way.

Experience the difference of breathing enzyme cleansed air.

One of the most powerful and effective perpetrators of mold and airborne contamination, EnzyCleanse is designed to neutralize and dissolve fungus and airborne spores, allergens, animal dander and pollen's through an evolutionary solution. Formulated by world renowned scientists, Dr. Joe Ahrens Ph.D and Dr. Richard Cardaman Ph.D, EnzyCleanse targets inaccessible areas and porous materials, effectively and safely.