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Jimmy Rum

JimmyRum Deal! 

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While our primary goal is to titillate the taste buds and warm the soul, we’d love to educate as many of you as we can about the beauty and distinctiveness of rum styles from around the world. 

We will be producing a wide variety of rum—dark, light, spiced, agricole, and cachaça.

Why do you have to wait two years for our “RUM”? Australia, like many other countries around the world have regulations to protect the quality of “Rum” sold in the country. We cannot label any of our product as “Rum” until it has spent two years ageing in an oak barrel (where it will be well spoken to, loved and caressed regularly to ensure it grows up positive and happy).

So, what will we be selling at first? A variety of (not quite rum) spirits made from the same ingredients we are putting in the barrels to become “Rum”.


Long Rays 

Infused with happy

Look, you can’t officially list ‘happy’ as an ingredient, but we believe you can taste it in our drinks.

Because we love what we do, we don’t mind spending months on end getting a recipe just right. 

It could take years and we wouldn’t mind, because nothing makes us happier than producing drinks that surprise and delight.



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