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Each two-hour show is split into segments, usually divided by a song.

Question Time normally takes up the last 3 of the 4 segments – Questions One, Two and (wait for it)......Three.

The show begins with a Roll Call, introductions, Terms and Conditions and general chat. 

Following those items, Segment One is introduced.

It could be any of the following:

  • Lyric Breakdown – we analyse a song, bringing you the true meaning behind the lyrics, painting you a word-picture of the events the lyrics describe.
  • Discussions – hot-button topics are the main thrust of this segment, with disagreement encouraged.
  • Show and Tell – yep, just like Primary School. Each host brings an item to Show and Tell. Nation Members in the chat are welcome to Show and Tell their own things too!
  • Creepy Shit – tales of ooh and aah, both within the Nation's real lives and other creepy events from around the world.
  • Two Truths and a Lie – a guessing game. Each host presents 3 items about their life and everyone else has to guess which one is the lie. Good fun to play along with in the Live Chat!
  • Facts – a fascinating insight into the Nation and its' members, The Captain presents totally true, accurate and provable facts about all of us. Pronounced "Faaaaaaaaaaaacts".
  • Is It? - well? Is it?
  • Why Lie to us, Movies? - go behind the curtain of Hollywood and explore with us some of the un-reality that movies bring us.
  • Top Tens – Lists! We know you love 'em! Although, if the list gets boring, it we might only cover 3.
  • WTF? - similar to Is It, but with a different title.
  • Strange but True – similar to Creepy Shit, but looking at a wider range of Creepy Shit.
  • Bloody Aliens - We look at things on this planet that could be blamed on them bloody aliens.