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After 14 years on Australian Radio, The Night Cap has moved successfully into streaming the show. As well as many other versions of content. The platform of The Night Cap is unique whereby we allow our subscribers to create the shows content – they tell us what they want – and we deliver!

Celebrity interviews, new music releases, red carpet events, news and opinions, all live, on-air and open to our fan bases.

We have built a strong cult following of dedicated fans from not only locally, but around Australia and the World, The Night Cap has become a household name.

The Night Cap media is a fun, exciting and most importantly interactive show that is as dedicated to its fans as they are to us. You can see our work via our website and YouTube channel.

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The Night Cap has been able to make strong relationships with the likes of SONY, DISNEY, NETFLIX, as well as many other great brands. 

The Night Cap has also gained permission from the record label Nuclear Blast to feature their music artists on the program. This is helps to maintain a “radio feel” to the program as well as a great way to introduce our followers to music video, movie trailers, upcoming streaming shows and other great content.